About the Owner

David Elizalde –Rotarian & Humanitarian

Using ‘Rotarian Promotional Fine Art Exhibit’ to improve our world through Rotary and Fine Art

 The Rotarian Promotional Fine Art Exhibit owner, David Elizalde, is a man of positive action who is devoted to supporting those in need in his city of Amarillo, TX, and throughout the world.

David is a devoted husband and family man. He is the sole owner of a very successful growing business called David’s Quality Electric and David’s Quality Contracting & Plumbing. During the pandemic and during times of need, David delivers food and household items to the elderly and others in need. 

David is the founder and leader of the Andreas Project. This non-project organization was created after he tragically lost his eldest teenage daughter, Andrea, in a drunken-driving accident on Easter 2019. This is an ongoing lifesaving project focused on educating the community, regardless of age, that it’s not okay to drink and drive. There are resources available to NOT get in a vehicle after drinking or to ride with someone that has been drinking. David and his organization have and continue to make positive efforts and help implement new laws and provide resources that help save lives.

David is a long-time Rotarian and Past-President of the Rotary Club of Amarillo and Paul Harris Fellowship.

David first met Derek Rickwood on Tuesday, June 26th, 2018, when the ‘Rotarian Promotional Fine Art Exhibit’ was first publicly introduced at the Rotary International’s 2018 Convention in Toronto, Canada. David saw the protentional of the fine art exhibit that Derek had created. They share the same vision and purpose – to improve Rotary’s success in its humanitarian endeavors throughout the world. Their special friendship began that day thanks to the benefits of a worldwide Rotarian convention.

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Putting this project together was about more than just making paintings. The idea is to spread awareness of Rotary causes, so the proceeds go toward that as well. Win / Win!